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Will Grenfell be a Game Changer for Housing, Bidding and Contract Management?

Most of us will remember waking up on Wednesday 14th June to the news of…

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We are pleased to publish our observations on the various stages of the bid process. We hope these will be helpful to you in growing your business. We are also keen to help add value to your bids, so please call us on
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10 Ways to Ace a Bid Interview Presentation!

You are in the final stages of an important bid and now have a Bid Interview / Presentation to prepare for. In many ways, this is like a job interview and success will come from thorough preparation and making a … Continue reading

In Bidding, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

We’ve all been there… A tender for a big contract is published and you really want to win it, but you’re up to your eyeballs in work as it is, or some of your team are on holiday, or assigned … Continue reading

Thinking about a Consortium Bid?

Bidding as part of a consortium can increase the opportunities available to your organisation. There are some important factors though to take into account before embarking on a consortium bid. Making sure you have these covered will increase your win … Continue reading

Beginners Guide to Public Contracts Scotland

As a first time or relatively new bidder, you may have heard the term ‘PCS’ being mentioned, but may be wondering what it means? Let us put you in the know, ‘PCS’ is the abbreviation for Public Contracts Scotland. What … Continue reading

5 Ways to Save Time During a Bid

When it comes to bidding, as soon as the client issues the documents, the clock is ticking. It’s now over to the bidder to ensure that the time available is optimised for the benefit of your submission. In other words, … Continue reading

Mind the Gap… Why undertake a Bid Gap Analysis Review?

Picture this… You’ve been working hard for 20 days completing a bid. You’re confident that you’ve answered all the client’s questions. You congratulate yourself for staying calm and for all the extra time outwith your working hours you spent getting … Continue reading

7 Steps Clients Can Take to Attract Quality Bids

Smart clients are taking steps to ensure they attract a sufficient number of quality bids. Conversely, if clients adopt a “We’re the client; we set the rules; and bidders will just have to conform to what we want” they risk … Continue reading

How to Beat Bid Fear

Picture this…you spot a tender online which is perfect for your business to bid for. You’ve worked in the sector you specialise in for many years, so you’re confident your business can deliver the client’s requirements. With not a moment … Continue reading

3 top tips on bringing Social Value / Community Benefits to life in your bid

When it comes to bidding for contracts with the public sector, there is now substantial emphasis on Social Value / Community Benefits. Bidders need to demonstrate that they are good corporate citizens in the local areas they operate in. For … Continue reading

Who Is Marking Your Bid?

When composing responses to bids, how much thought do you give to those who will be marking the bid?  How much do they matter … you just need to answer the questions, right?  Let’s take an imaginary Facilities Management contract for … Continue reading

How to Choose Bid Win Themes

Selecting Bid Win Themes is a key part of Capture Planning and the Bid Kick Off Session.  Bid Win Themes should percolate your bid like the chorus in a song and provide the client with compelling reasons for selecting your … Continue reading

Procurement Reform in Scotland – Are You Ready for April 2016?

There are new rules affecting public procurement – most come into force on 18th April 2016.  Whether you are a bidding organisation or a contracting authority – are you ready?  What are the main changes and how will these impact on … Continue reading

Bidding for Social Housing Contracts? 10 points to ponder

To succeed when bidding for social housing maintenance contracts, tenderers need to demonstrate that they truly understand: the sector, the client, the residents and the communities in which they work.  If you can show good knowledge and empathy with the points below, you will … Continue reading

Making the most of Meet the Buyer

Meet the Buyer events are useful for a number of reasons, but many businesses don’t utilise them to their full potential. This article highlights 5 important benefits of attending a Meet the Buyer event. As an East Lothian based company, … Continue reading

How do you react when you see TUPE in a bid?

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) protects the rights of employees when their work transfers to a new employer. This article does not seek to provide employment or legal advice but instead focuses on 7 important … Continue reading

3 Experience Levels in Which You Need to Hire a Bid Specialist

This article will identify 3 levels of experience in bidding. Each level presents an important occasion in which you need to bring in an expert in bidding to support your bidding process. Familiarity with these occasions is important as ultimately … Continue reading

2016 – How Bid Ready Are You?

With a growing economy operating in a context of increased pressure on both public and private sectors to extract value from tendering, 2016 will see significant bid activity. How bid ready is your business, or do you just go from … Continue reading

What Is a Bid?

You may have heard of bidding but not know a lot about it. Here are some common questions and answers that will help raise your awareness of what a bid is. What is a bid? A bid is a response … Continue reading

Who Needs to Be at Your Bid Kick Off Meeting?

If you were going to build a house, it would all start with the plans, then getting the foundations right. The same applies to bidding successfully. Time invested in the Bid Kick Off Meeting will reap many rewards during the … Continue reading

12 Reasons Why Contractors May Not Bid

With the recession apparently over, there is currently a glut of work available, especially in the construction sector.  Whereas 2 years ago contractors were searching for bidding opportunities, now many are able to be highly selective about what they go …Continue reading

To Bid or Not To Bid??

Putting some structure around the Bid / No Bid decision is an important part of any bidding strategy. Bidding everything in the belief that it’s a numbers game – the more you bid, the more chance you’ll win – is flawed reasoning. It’s much … Continue reading

What Is Your Bid Client Thinking?

Uncovering the thought processes of clients who are evaluating bids could give you the winning edge Whilst each client is unique, there are some common lines of thought that many will share. It’s my view that the factors below are … Continue reading

Why Your Scottish Bid Needs a Kilt

Bidding in Scotland is the same as bidding in England – just change the names, right? Wrong! – I’m currently working for several companies who appreciate that there are fundamental differences, even when bidding for very similar services. Getting this … Continue reading

How can you get ahead of the bid process?

Organisations that have a track record of delivering winning bids usually do not wait to start their work on a bid until the PQQ or Tender first appears. What steps can you take to get ahead of the game? Has … Continue reading

Dispelling 7 Myths about Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)

Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) have been through some changes in recent years. So, it’s worth dispelling some common myths and misconceptions around PQQs in the bid process. 1. It’s just a tick box exercise with a bit of cut and … Continue reading

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