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Services – Bid Strategy / Development

Bid Strategy Advice

We will meet with you to discuss your approach to bidding and how this links to your overall business development strategy. We can provide a Report which can cover the following:

  • Review of your recent bid activity with recommendations on how this can be strengthened
  • Examination of Debrief Feedback from clients, including suggestions on how you can address this
  • Consideration of your market place including emerging trends, especially in what is becoming important for your clients
  • An external perspective of how your company is positioning itself in the market place, including what your website is saying about you
  • Help with unlocking the benefits that can come from a strategic approach to bidding, including an understanding of how the public sector likes to do business
  • View on the role that accreditations, awards, testimonials, networking, exhibitions and conferences can play within a business development / bidding strategy
  • An Action Plan to help ensure that agreed changes are put in place in a SMART way with clearly allocated responsibilities

Bid Health Check

We can provide a full Bid Health Check Report that can answer the following questions:

  • What view will clients likely have of your bids?
  • Do you have all the necessary elements in place to ensure winning bids?
  • What are your USPs / Differentiators and how can you maximise these within your bids?
  • What is currently missing from your bids? and how / who will address these gaps?
  • How can you position your business to significantly increase your chances of submitting winning bids?
  • Is your Bid Process configured for optimum effect?
  • Do you have an effective Bid / No Bid decision-making process?

Production of Client and Competitor Intelligence Reports

Understanding both your Client and your Competitors is key to delivering winning bids. Our service here can include:

  • Compiling a Client Intelligence Report that provides insights on your client e.g. what their strategy and objectives are; what are the internal / external forces at work; what their Hot Buttons are likely to be; who their current contractors are and how these are performing; how you can address their approach to risk
  • Compiling a Competitor Intelligence Report that provides insights on your likely competitors e.g. what their USPs and Differentiators are likely to be; how are they currently performing; some indication of their current client list; what the internal / external forces for them are likely to be; how you can distinguish your business from your competitors

We recommend that, where possible, work on these begins in advance of the tender process.

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